Camotes Island

How to get there?

You may take a boat ride at Danao, Cebu Port, via Jomalia Shipping, heading for Consuelo, San Francisco Camotes Port… Travel time for boat would take 2 hours. Fare as of April 16, 2019 is P250.00 for aircon, P220.00 for non aircon, children and senior citizen have special discounts.

Another option for going to Camotes Island is via Mactan port near Island Central Mall or Cebu yacht club. A fastcraft owned by Jomalia shipping lines, with travel time of 1hr and 20 minutes heading to Consuelo Port.  Fare for adults as of this writing April 16, 2019 is P500.00

Mactan Port is just around 5 – 10 minutes ride from Mactan International Airport.

At Consuelo port, you may choose a ride like motorcycle or multicab… Rates are not regulated due to the absence of public transport in the area… so rates are based on Pakyaw system, you may negotiate with the driver to avail a fair  rates…. Usually, for habal habal, rated depends on the distance, for multicab, rates usually ranges from P1,000.00 to P2,000.00 pesos… for the whole day use…

You may also avail motorcycle rentals, which ranges from P500.00 to P1,000.00 for the whole day use….

Amazing Cebu…

Cebu is located in Central Visayas, under Region VII… consisting 167 islands… Capital of Cebu is Cebu City.

Cebu or “Sugbo” in visayan dialect is known for its January Festival called “Sinulog” festival. Sinulog festival started in 1980 organized by David Odilao and his peers.

Sinulog is an annual cultural and religious festival held/celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January, feast of Sr. Sto. Niño de Cebu.


Fruits of interest in Cebu Philippines

Cebu is gifted with variety of foods that are suited to local and foreign taste…

Found on streets, Supermarkets and Public markets at a very affordable price…